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Training modules

Please ensure you have read all guidelines before selecting your learning method. Prior to submitting your registration form, consult Harley Reed's training advisors if you have any queries. Mark your chosen selection with a tick and only select papers you intend to be invoiced for. If you wish to take advantage of a level discount by paying in advance, select all modules from the level. Please note all our learning programmes include the Study Guides.

Advanced Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations
AC1 - Procurement and Supply Environments
AC2 - Procurement and supply operations
AC3 - Procurement and supply workflow
AC4 - Inventory and logistics operations
AC5 - Procurement and supply relationships
Diploma in Procurement and Supply
D1 - Contexts of procurement and supply
D2 - Business needs in procurement and supply
D3 - Sourcing in procurement and supply
D4 - Negotiating and contracting in procurement and supply
D5 - Managing contracts and relationships in procurement and supply
Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply
AD1 - Management in procurement and supply
AD2 - Managing risks in supply chains
AD3 - Improving the competitiveness of supply chains
OPTION: AD4 - Category management in procurement and supply
OPTION: AD5 - Sustainability in supply chains
OPTION: AD6 - Operations management in supply chains
Professional Diploma in Procurement and Supply
PD1- Leadership in procurement and supply
PD2 - Corporate and business strategy
PD3 - Strategic supply chain management
OPTION: PD4 - Supply chain diligence
OPTION: PD5 - Programme and project management
Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (2013 Syllabus)
Creating Entrepreneurial Change
Corporate Digital Communication
Global Marketing Decisions
Chartered Institute of Marketing
Applied Marketing
Planning Campaigns
Digital Marketing Techniques
Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations
NC1-Procurement and Supply Principles
NC2-Procurement and Supply Functions
NC3-Procurement and Supply Processes
NC4-Procurement and Supply Administration
NC5-Procurement and Supply Stakeholders
Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport
Certificate in Logistics and Transport
CERT-M1 - Business Theory Standards
CERT-M2 Business Application
CERT-O1 Warehousing
CERT-O2 Inventory
CERT-04 Procurement
CERT-07 Supply chain
Diploma in Logistics and Transport
DIP01 - Management in Logistics and Transport
DIP02 - Supply Chain Management
DIP03 - Transport Operations
DIP06 - Movement of Goods
DIP10 - Sourcing & Procurement
DIP13 - Warehousing
DIP15 - Project Management
Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Transport
ADIP01 - Strategic Contexts
ADIP02 - Leadership and Strategic Management
ADIP03 - Strategic Network Planning
ADIP04 - Delivery Strategic Performance
ADIP05 - Research Methods and Professional Project
Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (2018 Syllabus)
L4M1 - Scope & influence of procurement and supply
L4M2 - Defining Business Need
L4M3 - Commercial Contracting
L4M4 - Ethical and Responsible Sourcing
L4M5 - Commercial Negotiation
L4M6 - Supplier Relationships
L4M7 - Whole Life Asset Management
L4M8 - Procurement and Supply in Practice
Advanced Diploma
L5M1 - Managing Teams and Individuals
L5M2 - Managing Supply Chain Risk
L5M3 - Managing Contractual Risk
L5M4 - Advanced Contract & Financial Management
L5M5 - Core Managing Ethical Procurement and Supply
L5M6 - Category Management
L5M7 - Achieving Competitive Advantage Through the Supply Chain
L5M8 - Project and Change Management
L5M9 - Operation Management
L5M10 - Logistics Management
L5M15 - Advanced Negotiation
Professional Diploma
L6M1 - Strategic Ethical Leadership
L6M2 - Global Commercial Strategy
L6M3 - Global Strategic Supply Chain Management
L6M4 - Future Strategic Challenges for the Profession
L6M5 - Strategic Programme Leadership
L6M7 - Commercial Data Management
L6M8 - Innovation in Procurement and Supply
L6M9 - Supply Network Design
L6M10 - Global Logistics Strategy
Advanced Certificate
L3M1 - Procurement and Supply Environments
L3M2 - Ethical Procurement and Supply
L3M3 - Contract Administration
L3M4 - Team Dynamics and Change
L3M5 - Socially Responsible Procurement
L3M6 - Socially Responsible Warehousing and Distribution
Introducing Procurement and Supply
Procurement and Supply Operations
Stakeholder Relationships
Systems Technology
Inventory, Logistics and Expediting
Corporate Award Advanced Practitioner
Corporate Award Advanced Practitioner Assessments
Chartered Institute of Management Accountants
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
Certificate in Business Accounting
BA1 - Fundamentals of Business Economics
BA2 - Fundamentals of Management Accounting
BA3 - Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
BA4 - Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance and Business Law
Operational Level
E1 - Managing Finance in a Digital World
F1 - Financial Reporting
P1 - Management Accounting
Operational Case Study
Management Level
E2 - Managing Performance
F2 - Advanced Financial Reporting
P2 - Advanced Management Accounting
Management Case Study / Gateway
Strategic Level
E3 - Strategic Management
F3 - Financial Strategy
P3 - Risk Management
Strategic Case Study
Certificate in Professional/Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Techniques (Elective)
Customer Insights (Elective)
Planning Campaigns
Applied Marketing
Diploma in Professional/Digital Marketing
Digital Optimisation
The Digital Customer Experience (Elective)
Resource Management (Elective)
Managing Brands (Elective)
Innovation in Marketing
Marketing & Digital Strategy
Post Graduate Diploma in Professional Marketing
Creating Entrepreneurial Change
Corporate Digital Communications
Global Marketing Decisions
Chartered Institute of Marketing

Please select preferred method of delivery as detailed in the Harley Reed student information pack document. Please note, these delivery methods will be employed subject to student volume and demand.

Platinum / Gold Enhanced (Workshops, Revision workshops, materials + elearnng)
Gold (revision workshops, materials + elearning)
Silver (limited workshops)
Distance (eLearning + materials)

Please refer to timetable for dates of classes and revision

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